A QUICK intro guide for Sea of Thieves Game [for noobs]

Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves is an adventurous multiplayer game of an Xbox One console with the most astonishing supernatural elements. Rare announced this game back in 2015 and published by Microsoft Studios for Windows and Xbox One. To understand the basic things about Sea of Thieves, we have brought a quick guide for you. Check out below:

Sea of Thieves’ interactive map

Sea of Thieves interactive map

You can find a fabulous interactive map which will help you to understand the locations of various things such as Islands, Outposts, Forts, Animal Locations, Shipwrecks, and similar kind of things. Understanding the location of these spots can help you to learn where you have to move.

The sailing ship is quite harder

Sea of Thieves sailing ship

Sailing the ship on this game is quite more laborious. However, if you are working with your crew, it is recommended to work unitedly to keep the ship on the path. Otherwise, it may turn out because of the number of moving parts on the ship. To be in places, you need to drop the sails to adjust the angles so that you can get more speed.

Moreover, you need to keep an eye on other pirates because being a pirate is not an easy task. So, all of the things collectively can make the sailing ship harder, but keeping an eye on your surrounding and working with the whole team can make your gameplay easy.

Know the usages of all the items out there

Hit the LB, and you will get to know the purposes of all the elements in your inventory. You have various things there to get, including compass, telescope, shovel, torch, and more.

Ship repair and tools

Sea of Thieves tools

Go to the second floor of the ship and find all the tools. Cannonballs in the red colored barrels while food and wood in brown barrels.

That’s all about the Sea of Thieves Game info for the noobs out there. Do share this post with your noob friends too to help them out on this game!

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