5 devices that will come in Handy if you are a student

College life is not a bowl of cherries. There are so many books to read, assignments to write, and parties to visit that managing your everyday routine becomes a challenge. You are always in a rush and feel like the main resource in your lifetime – slips through your fingers. How to optimize your everyday activities and improve your productivity? Gladly, there are some incredible gadgets for college students to help you.


These are the real must-have tools for learners. Some of them are for efficient studying and data safety, the others – for entertainment. Check the list below, and don’t forget to add them all to your Christmas wish-list!

1. Rocketbook Smart Notebook

Rocketbook Smart Notebook

Handwriting or typing? That is the question! Well, you will bother your mind with this dilemma no longer if you have this cool Rocketbook. There is no need to choose the more convenient way of note-taking since this device connects both. This notebook has reusable pages, which can be uploaded and saved to any online storage, whether Google Drive or Cloud. The device can be synchronized with smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Therefore, writing with your pen, you get a digital copy of your notes in one click. A perfect time-saving option!

2. Cooler Master Notepal X-Slim Cooling Pad

Cooler Master

Whether you study really hard using thousands of applications and programs or play games instead, the last thing you want is an overheated laptop. Even if your computer is mighty enough to handle all the tasks, its continuous puffing and panting are unavoidable. This cooling pad is a real champion in the world of handy gadgets. It will keep your laptop chilled to decrease the breakage risk and make the fans work quietly. It is pretty light and slim to put it in your backpack, even if you prefer studying in the college library.

3. Mpow Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Mpow Noise-Cancelling Headphone

How many times did you find yourself annoyed by the campus noises? They become especially unbearable when you are trying to concentrate and deal with your papers before the deadline strikes. As the distractions don’t help you with uni assignments at all, you can block them with a nice pair of stylish headphones. Mpow device isolates you from the outside world, so you can immerse yourself into your tasks without being bothered by your roommates.

4. AdirChef Grab N’ Go Personal Coffee Maker

AdirChef Grab N’ Go Personal Coffee Maker

If you agree that caffeine is one of the basic college student needs and cannot live a day without a cup of joe, consider getting yourself a personal coffee maker. This device will keep you on your toes during the all-night studying, especially when the examination period comes. The money-saving benefit of this device cannot be overestimated – home-made coffee is much cheaper than latte you buy in a coffee house every morning. By the way, due to the portable cup, you can carry this coffee maker around and enjoy a fresh hot drink at college.

5. Seagate Portable 5TB External Hard Drive

Seagate Portable

Is there something more frustrating than losing your half-written dissertation? How about all of your precious movies, music, and photos? Computers break quite unexpectedly, and you need to protect your work and important files beforehand. Seagate portable external hard drive has different options when it comes to storing capacities: 1TB, 2TB, 4TB, and 5TB. Whether you have some light-weight text files or an entire media library, choose the most suitable option, and keep your treasures safe.


Students’ life can be really tough! The trickiest thing is that you cannot predict the problems you are going to face in the future, but you want to make yourself safe beforehand. That’s a wise idea! These gadgets for college will help you avoid numerous hardships. Using them, you will focus on studying without any extensive efforts. Some of these tools serve to protect your data and computer from harm, while others will assure hot coffee wherever you are.

Furnish yourself with blessings of the technological era and make your academic routine a bit brighter. Don’t forget to pack these fantastic gadgets in your backpack when heading to a college campus!

Author’s Bio (A guest author submits this article via email): Jeff Blaylock is fond of academic and creative writing. Jeff believes that learning something different from one’s ordinary occupation is beneficial; that is why technology and physics are his new passions. Currently, he is working on the large information technology project and shares his insights in a personal blog. 

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