Best Valentine’s Day apps for Android in 2020

February has come and we all know that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. As people have already started with preparations, we want to know about your plan for the day. While couples in this month look like a cat on hot bricks, selecting and shopping cards, gifts, flowers for their loved ones.

Best Valentine Day apps

There are still many who haven’t given a thought to it and before it gets too late, we have got a few suggestions for you this Valentine’s Day. Below are the best apps which can come very handy if you are already too late.

So, snuggle into a corner and check out our handpicked recommendations and surprise your beloved.

1. Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

How about a candle-light date at your home? If you are planning a date night at your home, then you will definitely need Allrecipes Dinner Spinner. It offers you to choose some delectable recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts.

You will have cooking videos that will explain you the process of cooking dishes in an easy step-by-step method. So, this Valentine’s Day you can treat your partner with your very own recipe which you both can relish on the day of love.

2. TripAdvisor

If you want to take your partner on a romantic trip, TripAdvisor will make it happen for you. Right form tickets to accommodation, the app will give you everything on your phone screen so that you can make the most of Valentine’s Day.

Not only events, but you can also check out the places, famous destinations, activities, etc that are happening hither-thither and choose your favorite one. So, this Valentine’s Day doesn’t run pillar to post looking for a place to celebrate the occasion, plan a lavish trip to a new spot that you and your partner can discover.

Remember nothing beats the bliss of two lovers hanging out with each other in a foreign place where known one knows you and it is just the two of you.

3. Amazon Shopping

Want to shop a Valentine’s Day gift online? Then nothing can beat Amazon shopping. It is a perfect place to buy a gift for your partner from a horde of items tailored specially for the day.

Amazon Shopping also has different sales going on in the month of love and you can get the benefit of Gold Box deals, Today’s Deals, and Lightning Deals. The app is totally free and you can browse the best brands to make your special someone feel extra special.

4. Kamasutra by Exotica Apps World

As you have surmised correctly, the app is exactly what it is named. You can browse a number of new and unusual positions for your love-making night. The best thing is that the app has all the positions explained in the form of animated videos along with written instruction.

The app has a modern design, favorites feature, and even a to-do list so that you check a quick reference to the positions you want to try. The app has no annoying ads to spoil your mood.

Kamasutra Sex Positions
Kamasutra Sex Positions

5. Eventbrite

Don’t’ want to have that clichéd V-day this year? Eventbrite can make your 2019 Valentine’s Day different for you. If you want to surprise your partner with a musical event or want to spend a date night at a romantic poetry event, Eventbrite will do it for.

Since Valentine’s Day is around the corner, there will hundreds of romantic events organized for the couples. Eventbrite can let you know about the local festivals, concerts, etc.

You can also get the tickets directly from the app. So, what are you waiting for? Grab yourself a date this 14 Feb and go.

6. 1-800-Flowers

Spread the love this Valentine’s Day with 1-800 flowers. The company delivers gifts in as many as 195 countries so you can express your feelings from any part of the world. There are various selections available and are quite budget-friendly for the customers.

The company offers same day delivery options in selected countries. This is one of the best apps for Valentine’s Day as flowers a make a perfect gift for almost any occasion and a surprise bouquet will make it even more special.

7. Heart live Wallpaper

Heart Live Wallpaper is a tiny and cute way to decorate your phone on Valentine’s day There are many wallpapers available on the theme of Valentine’s Day. One such wallpaper is Heart Live.

It gets you a customizable heart against a dark background and you can choose any color that you want. The app also features a countdown timer and you can get the heart picture do anything you would like.

Hearts live wallpaper
Hearts live wallpaper
Developer: Aqreadd Studios
Price: Free

8. OpenTable

Why not plan a dinner out in a chic restaurant with an ambience that reeks of love and love? OpenTable allows you to book a table at numerous restaurants.

You can not only find eateries in your place but also book a table so that you don’t have to wait outside as there will be a rush on Valentine’s evening. After your dinner, take your partner on a long romantic walk and celebrate as the day comes to end.

OpenTable: Restaurants Near Me
OpenTable: Restaurants Near Me

9. iHeartRadio

Can’t express your love? Let the music do it for you. Music is the best way to say your heart out. With iHeartRadio, you can pick anything, a funny song or a slow romantic number and let your emotions pour in the air.

It also supports a variety of devices such as the Chromecast so you can play your favorite song on the TV and dance to the romance.

Although there are many music streaming apps, iHeartRadio keeps its V-Day station ready to say it aloud what you have on your mind.

10. Tinder

If you don’t want to spend Valentine’s Day alone, then Tinder is here to share the love on this day. And why shouldn’t you get a date? It is Valentine’s Day and the day is to celebrate love and shun loneliness.

So, give it a try and who knows you might end up with your soul mate! Most of the people know about this app already. You can browse the profiles of other users under the general area and swipe left or right to choose the profiles of people.

If the user has swiped back, then you can connect with them on Tinder. The app is totally free but its premium subscription is paid one.


We hope Valentine’s Day 2019 will bring you and your partner closer. With the apps listed above, you could think of doing something different for your partner and not shy away from saying what your heart harbors.

Call it kiddish or tacky, we believe that romance is never overrated. So, speak it out! Wear your emotions on the sleeves! After all, it’s Valentine’s Day!

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