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Android USB Drivers for Windows and Mac

USB drivers are needed in Android phones and tablets for connecting our devices to the computer. This includes Android SDK USB drivers, ADB and Fastboot drivers for the development of Android devices and transferring media content and files to phone storage etc. It is useful to have Android device drivers with us so that we can easily install them when needed.

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These can be downloaded for Windows and Mac (Android devices, ADB and Fastboot), generally from the official websites of device manufactures, but in case you are facing trouble, we have archived a list of all the main manufacturers and links to their USB drivers/ PC Suite (which include driver).

USB Drivers for Windows and Mac

These are the Android phone drivers for Windows 7/ Windows 8/ Windows 10, Mac OS X/ Mac OS and Linux.

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Download Android USB Drivers for Windows (ADB and Fastboot) – Android Phones and Tablets

Below is the list of popular Android device manufacturers with a link to their USB drivers for download:

Google Pixel / Nexus: Download Google Nexus / Pixel Drivers or download a separate package from this link: Download Google USB Driver [Mirror].

Samsung: Download Samsung USB Drivers file directly. For transferring data between your Samsung phone and Windows /Mac computer or between different Android phones or for phones released after Galaxy S7, Galaxy Note 5 etc., Use this link:  Samsung Smart Switch.

NOTE: For older devices use this link: Samsung KIES (drivers included).

You can also download Samsung USB Driver file directly and install on your computer.

HTC: There are sync tools available for transferring content between your computer and the phone. You can download the relevant drivers from the links below:

NOTE: To know more about HTC Sync Manager, features and its supported phones, click here.


Motorola offers USB drivers and Android manager for Windows and Mac.

NOTE: To get more information about Motorola Device Manager, features and its supported phones, please read here!

For Nokia use this link: Download Nokia USB Drivers (it works with Nokia 3, Nokia 5, Nokia 6 and others)

For OnePlus use this link: Download OnePlus USB Drivers (it works with all OnePlus phones, incl. the new OnePlus 5)

For Huawei use this link: Download Huawei USB Drivers or Download HiSuite (drivers included).

For LG use this link: Download LG USB Drivers.

  • For device-specific drivers, you have to go to LG website> Search for product > Resources > Download driver.

For SONY use this link: Download Sony Xperia Companion for Windows and Mac, includes latest USB drivers.

Below are the links for downloading old Sony tools and software:

For Nokia use this link: Download Nokia USB Drivers (it works with all Nokia phones).

For ASUS use this link: Download ASUS USB Drivers.

For Lenovo use, this link: Download Lenovo Smart Assistant for Windows, includes latest USB drivers.

Below are the links to old Lenovo tools and software :

Some Other Companies:

For MediaTek use this link: Download MediaTek USB Driver.

For ZTE use this link: Download ZTE USB Driver.

For Fujitsu use this link: Download Fujitsu ADB / USB Driver.

Essential Phone: Download Essential Phone USB driver.

For Toshiba use this link: Download Toshiba Android ADB / USB Drivers.

For Acer use this link: Download Acer USB Drivers.

For Xiaomi use this link: Download Xiaomi ADB / USB Drivers or Download Mi PC Suite.

Amazon: Download Amazon Android USB Drivers.

Micromax: Download Micromax Android USB Drivers.

Intel: Download Intel Android USB Drivers.

Nvidia: Download Nvidia Android USB Drivers.

OPPO: Download OPPO Android USB Drivers.

Sharp: Download Sharp USB Drivers.

YU: Download YU USB Drivers.

Alcatel Mobile: Download Alcatel USB Drivers.

HiSense: Download HiSense Android USB Drivers.

Pantech: Download Pantech USB Drivers/PC Suite.

Kyocera: Download Kyocera USB Drivers/64-bit USB Drivers.

DELL: Download DELL USB Drivers (device specific).

Nextbit Robin: Download Nextbit Robin USB Drivers.

Download Android USB Drivers for Mac – Android File Transfer

It is straightforward to connect your Android device to a Mac system. All you need is the Android File Transfer app that helps you start transferring content easily.

Follow this link for a step-by-step process on How to use Android File Transfer for Mac.

Didn’t find the specific driver for your device? Feel free to comment below to request the right one for you.

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