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How did we start?

Back in October 2012, a small experiment was conducted with custom ROM Flash with the handset, Samsung Galaxy ACE Duos but the Android set ceased to function. In order to troubleshoot the issue, Saeed Ashif Ahmed, the current Chief Editor of DroidFeats shares his experience of encountering various prospects of Android, all packed up on his first Android blog.

Years after, we renovated our conceptions along this constantly evolving technology world and had thus, come back with more structured tutorials and guides, all of which would be presented through DroidFeats.

Although XDA-Developers is the biggest community of online Android developers, it has got several downsides, and thus it is never the first pick for any beginner.

There are several other forums and developers corners too, but none of them could prove to be successful in providing the clear guides and tutorials. Consequently, talking about the largest Samsung Fan website, SamMobile provides every official Samsung firmware tutorial but it is never clearly written which in turn, makes the troubles even more messed up instead of solving them out.

Keeping these issues in mind, DroidFeats was purposefully created with the motive to serve the users with clearly drafted tutorials to ensure the fact that even a first-time user can perform these guides at ease without damaging their device. All you need is to follow the step-by-step instructions mentioned herein and keep working accordingly.

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