Top 20 United States Law app for Android in 2019

Law students, academicians, lawyers, and judges have to continuously refer to the laws of the country for their research work. Even a layman has to keep abreast of the latest legal developments as well as the legal machinery of the country.

US Law app

An aware citizen will always avoid flouting the rules and also objects when his rights are being violated. But reading about these lengthy texts is not easy. This is where law apps come handy and provide easy access to garner some insightful information about the country’s major laws.

Take a look at the twenty best law apps to learn about US laws.

1. GovRegs: US Constitution, laws, & regulations

GovRegs US is an absolutely free app that serves people by providing access to the major laws of the US and thus creates awareness among them about the existing legal framework in the country. With this app users can have insightful information about US Constitution.

Titles 1 through 50 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), and Titles 1 through 54 of the U.S. Code (federal laws & statutes). The app has excellent navigation and search capacity.

2. U.S Constitution + Amendments

US Constitution is the most important law from which other laws of the country derive their power. People associated with the filed of law will need it anytime and every time.

Thus, this app is tailored for such people who want to have a crisp and quick reference to the US constitution and amendments.

3. American Weird Laws

Want to learn about some crazy laws of USA? As conjectured by the name of the app, this is all about the weird laws prevailing in America.

For e.g. According to a law in San Francisco, if a person is classified as ugly, he is not entitled to walk down any street. The app has a grand assemblage of over 1700 such weird laws.

American Weird Laws
American Weird Laws
Developer: Juran Liu
Price: Free

4. Federal Law “On Police”

Federal Law is a document which enshrines the rights and responsibilities of police as well as the prevention of abuse of power by the police. The law underscores the importance of an effective police system.

The app provides an updated version of e-books as well as content. Users can use animation bookmarks and modify the size, font, and color of the text.

Federal Law "On Police"
Federal Law "On Police"

5. United States Constitution

This app enables you to carry the entire US constitution in your pocket. Law students, lawyers, as well as judges can make use of this app which comes very handy whenever they have to look for a provision of the US constitution.

The app gives you the Grund Norm’s text in a concise fashion and allows users to have easy access to it.

United States Constitution
United States Constitution

6. Law Dictionary Offline 

Legal terminology is rife with words which are not easy to understand. But allay your worries as the Law Dictionary app contains over 15,000 definitions and that too for free. Users can search, browse, and bookmark their entries.

They can even share the definition by using apps like Gmail or WhatsApp. The app has a search option to find out the word in an alphabetical manner.

7. 50 State Governments Of USA                                      

Browsing news and information related to different states in the USA sometimes becomes difficult. With the 50 state governments of USA app, users will have access to relevant and authentic real information, States governments bids and tenders, government job vacancies, top stories and updates in your phone.

The information is directly provided from the official websites of all the 50 State Governments of USA.

50 US State Governments
50 US State Governments

8. International Law

Academicians studying or dealing with International Law can heave a sigh of relief as an app is tailored to help them learn about International Law very easily. The Android app is completely free and has been updated to include legislative publications starting with the 2017 session and forward.

Users can browse International Law, Hague Convention, environmental law public international law etc.

International Law
International Law
Developer: Law legislation
Price: Free

9. US Constitution Bill of Rights

The United States Bill of Rights is the term for the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution. One should have knowledge about these amendments as they tell us about the Federal government’s powers, right to freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly, freedom of religious worship, and the right to bear arms.

The app gives you a succinct US constitution Bill of Rights for easy reference.

10. Learn US Criminal Law

This app provides a simple and crude understanding of US criminal law. Users will have limited access to the content and will have to pay for accessing the full content.

The is of great help for all those who want to understand the concepts of US criminal law and also have snack sized chapters.

Learn US Criminal Law
Learn US Criminal Law

11. US Code, Titles 1 to 54 (2017)

This is another easy-to-use app which provides a complete list of all U.S Codes & titles. You can access all the titles such as The President, Flag, and Seal, Seat of Government, and the States, Government Organization and Employees, Surety Bonds, Domestic Security, Agriculture etc.

You will get all of this at one place without internet access nor any printed books.

US Code, Titles 1 to 54 (2019)
US Code, Titles 1 to 54 (2019)

12. US Constitution – Complete

As citizens of USA, one should know the basic rights and features of the American Constitution at the very least. The app offers a complete e-handbook of the US constitution coupled with a free audiobook.

The readers are provided with a search option where they can select their preferred topic. So, just anyone including US citizens, teachers, students, policy makers can get hands-on experience with this app.

13. Criminal Law Study

Students of Criminal Law have now got an app where they can easily find the concepts of criminal law in details. The app explains all the major informative topics and chapters in English.

This app has a very easy interface where users can search for a particular topic. The app can be optimized to run on mobile phones and tablet and can also work when offline.

Criminal Law Study
Criminal Law Study
Developer: Dot Production
Price: Free

14. US Constitution – Bill of Rights

This is an amazing app for those who are looking to have a permanent soft copy of the great US Constitution. The app explains concepts like what is Constitution, why was it written, Bill of Rights, Articles of the Constitution, Amendments.

The app provides a crisp and abridged understanding of the Constitutional text and comes very handy when you have to quickly look for a relevant provision.

15. World Law Centre

World Law Centre is a great platform which caters to the legal fraternity by providing the latest legal news from around the globe. It has a very simple and user-friendly search engine where users can search for the latest acts and judgments decided by the Supreme Court.

You will also have a collection of important Legal Events, Moot Courts, Seminars, Conferences, Summits, Campaigns, Workshops, etc.

16. America’s Weird Laws

America has a horde of some strange legislation which can really outwit you. This has all about weirdness packed in one place. Users can download this free app and save their preferred content easily and quickly.

You can learn about some crazy laws of USA and tell your friends about some weird stuff they wouldn’t have known.

America's Weird Laws
America's Weird Laws

17. US Constitution

This app lets you have an android theme-based US constitution in your palm. It contains the full text of the US constitution, and other documents such as articles of confederation, the declaration of independence, the English bill of rights, and the magna carta.

It also supports dark and light themes as well as large screens and unusual screen ratios.

US Constitution
US Constitution
Developer: RBWare
Price: Free

18. United States Supreme Court cases

This app has a very user-friendly interface and features a dictionary which works offline. It provides a quick search function including voice search option. It also enables you to share your preferred content with friends.

You can also bookmark the Terms to your favorites list by clicking on the “star” icon. If you are looking for an efficient and fast app, then US Supreme Court Cases is tailor made for you.

United States Supreme Court cases
United States Supreme Court cases

19. US Constitution & Federal Laws

This is a free Android app which has been updated to include legislative publications starting with the 2017 session. The app contains useful information about the bill of rights and United States Constitution Federal Law, Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and Criminal Procedure, Evidence etc.

The app is designed to provide an easy research tool for anyone who is interested.

20. Learn US Law by GoLearningBus

This amazing app called GoLearningBus app provides snack sized tutorials, bite sized flashcards to memorize key concepts and quizzes for self-assessment to learn US laws.

Users will have access to a quick summary of essential concepts in US Law. You can learn about US Criminal Justice System, Constitutional Amendments, US Constitution etc.


With these apps, learning about lengthy US laws is no more a taxing procedure. You can easily peruse the relevant provision of law and aid your research work.

These apps will also keep you updated with new amendments swept across the states of USA. So, now you can assert your rights vociferously and follow your duties diligently. 

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