7 Best Sources for Quad HD Android Wallpapers – (2560×1440 pixels)

Humans belonging to all age groups all over the world like Android devices. Here are seven best sources for HD Android wallpapers and QHD Android Wallpapers.

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Flat Wallpapers

Almost every second human loves to use the internet on his or her mobile phones rather than using it on a laptop, iPad, or tablet. Mobile phones are compact devices to help individuals stay in touch even if they are miles apart. Over the years, mobile phones have evolved and become better than they were.

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You can find three types of smartphones in the market. These three types include Android, Apple, and Windows phones. Android phones stand on the top of the list because of the love individuals have for them. The majority of the humans like to have wallpapers on their phones that defines them well.

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Finding nice wallpapers for an Android can be a difficult task so here is a list of the best sources for HD Android Wallpapers and QHD Android Wallpapers.

Google Search

Google is your best friend officially for anything that you want. Where you can search anything on the Google, you can find some really cool Android wallpapers on it too. You can find many websites providing free of cost HD and HQD wallpapers for Android phones. Either you can download wallpapers from there or simply download an image from the image section.

You should make sure the resolution of the image is perfect to make a good wallpaper for your phone.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Super AMOLED Wallpapers

Not all the free of cost wallpapers are satisfying for everyone. If you are looking some awesome wallpapers at low cost, then you should head towards Super AMOLED Wallpapers. They are known for making wallpapers especially, for AMOLED phones.

Most of the wallpapers you would find on the website have a black background to reduce the energy consumption of your Android phone. You can enjoy some free wallpapers but to have the best quality of the wallpapers and to get rid of the ads you will have to pay a minimum amount.

Google Plus

You can download Google Plus application on your phone and surf through the thousands of images uploaded by millions of individuals from all over the world. You will have to do some effort in order to find the best wallpapers, as the application is full of different images uploaded by different individuals.

The majority of the images you would find on it will be good in the quality to be used as the wallpaper of your phone. Every image you will find here will cost you zero number of dollars- that means free of cost.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

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Tapet is one of the new platforms for finding good wallpaper for Android phones. However, the quality of the images is better than many other sources. Moreover, with this application, you become freer in not choosing but making your own wallpaper.

The application provides you with a color palette, designs, and some patterns to select from and make the wallpaper you wished to make once. The best thing about this application is that even after providing so many features it is still free to download and use.

Developer: SharpRegion
Price: Free+


Everyone knows about Reddit really well. The application is made easy to be used by new users with minimal effort. One can find many good quality HD, UHD, and QHD wallpapers on it and if you feel you are creative enough to make wallpapers on your own, then you can visit the wallpapers making a corner of the application.


Wally is one of the ideal applications to choose wallpapers from. It is free of cost to download and easy to use. You can find hundreds of new wallpapers on it every day and with the help of the easy to use tools, you can make wallpapers for yourself as well.

The application is thought to be one of the best ones with respect to the quality of the images provided. You can download HD, UHD, QHD, and even 4K images free.

Download Wally


Imgur is a great source for HD and UHD wallpapers. It is a free app that is available absolutely for free. If you have been hunting for stunning HD, UHD and QHD wallpapers for your Android device, you must definitely check the latest collection!

Imgur: Memes, GIFs, and More
Imgur: Memes, GIFs, and More
Developer: Imgur
Price: Free

In case we have missed mentioning any great HD or QHD Android wallpapers, do let us know in the comment section!

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