How to open jar files on windows 10

Among the worldwide developers’ popular coding languages in place is Java. This coding language is used to almost all fields, including banking, gaming, communication, government sites, and many others. For this reason, there are possibilities that the file to make to download right from the web or any other PC has been formatted in the jar version. The downloaded files might sometimes fail to open up in particular operating systems like for instance Windows 10; this will make access to data contained at these files difficult. Herein are methods to open a jar file in Windows 10:

Open JAR files on windows

1. Update or Install the Java

This is actually the recommended and easiest way you can use to open java files in this operating system in case you are using this kind of data more frequently. In case you had installed the jre 32 bit already but the files don’t open up still, then consider updating or reinstalling the software.

How to download the java runtime environment

Start by connecting on your system to the web and then follow to the official java downloading site. At the free java download button, make a single click. Let the download session be completed and install the software on your operating system. Complete this by restarting your PC.

If you choose to reinstall the java application, start it right from the control panel, under the programs section, click uninstall a program and then look for the Java software package there and make to uninstall the application from the system. Thereafter follow up to reinstall Java.

How to update the Java runtime environment

To do this, start by checking at your PC settings at the updates section. Follow up by locating Java software, if you find the java updates; get on to update on the latest package files of Java.

2. Employ a third party app

Using a third party software to run jar files in this operating system is among the common solutions to this problem. These tools will help open these files the similar way you access the files in a Java environment. Among these tools is the Jarfix that helps to run these files in this operating system.

To do this, commence by downloading jarfix from an official resource and install it at your PC. Follow by opening the software and use the provided guideline on the screen. To get the best results out of this, run the application in the administrative mode.

3. Open the files by using default programs

The jar files sometimes won’t open on your PC due to some file association issues. This problem can be checked on and fixed right at the program settings.

To do this, start by pressing the windows +S buttons on your PC, follow by writing settings and open up once the icon has prompted. Next is to click on the apps category and select from the left sidebar the default apps and complete all by choosing the default apps by the type of file feature. Choose the WinRAR archiver default app just right in front of specific java file format. This is what will allow run these files in this operating system. You can also consider having many other default app options in the settings of default apps in the control panel. Look at them to make a default for this file version.

4. Use command prompt

This is also another commonly used way to open up these files in windows 10 operating system. To accomplish it, start by transferring the jar file to your system’s root directory. Follow by pressing Windows + S and then type command prompt. Immediately click on the command once you see the icon and select the option of run as administrator. You can use the cd command in case you want to move particular files to the root directory and move them to where you need them to be.


Many of the java files come from either the category of Java Web Application or the Enterprise Java Archive. You can easily access any type of java file in your windows 10 operating system using these methods and solutions. Why do you have to hesitate? Make use of these methods, and nothing can be impossible for you.

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