Nokia 9 renders leaks before the official launch! And many more!

Day before the official announcement in MWC stage, HMD’s upcoming flagship phone resurface again online. This time, the new leak contains what seems to be an official renders of the device. Other than this, Ishan Agarwal, the man behind the leakage, also mentioned that new iterations of some of the existing Nokia phones would also be present in Barcelona.

For the Nokia 9, the renders he shared were old renders of the phone. The date on the display says January 7, confirming the previous cancelled launch. Aside from this though, no other information were revealed for the handset. But it did give us the best look yet of the device.

Ishan also revealed that Nokia 4.2, 3.2, and 1.1 Plus will also join the launch at MWC. What’s interesting about this info is the existence of the Nokia 4.2. In 2017, during the APK teardown of the Nokia Camera app, there on the list of devices in the Nokia 4. But two years later, there isn’t any Nokia phone under the 4 lineup. Reason for this is that the number “4” actually is considered a bad luck in some other countries. This may just be a typo though, and could actually mean Nokia 5.2. But possibility is there.

Also according to Ishan, the Nokia 4.2 will be available in black and pink. The Nokia 3.2, on the other hand, will be available in black and silver. The cheapest of the three, the Nokia 1.1 Plus will be shown in blue, black, and red. Of course, always take all the info with a pinch of salt.

Going back to the Nokia 9 (PureView). The phone has also recently appeared on Geekbench, confirming the 6GB RAM, and Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC. The Google Enterprise Program also accidentally leaked the device which confirms the large 6-inch display, and 128GB of storage.

Official announcement of the device is on Sunday. A link to the stream will be embedded below.

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