Two parental control apps that you might need

The internet has been a blessing to us in so many ways. Through it, you can quickly and easily get information about almost anything you want. Which restaurant near you serves the best spaghetti? Which basketball shoes this year had the best reviews? What’s the name of the hotel near the Airport in Cebu, Philippines?

The internet has also made it a lot easier for us to connect with each other. Because of video calls, it’s very possible now to have dinner real-time with loved ones who are literally miles away from us. We also get to know a lot of new people with similar interests through various social media platforms.

Parental control apps

However, the Internet has also become the breeding ground for abuse and irresponsible content that is not suitable for kids. Now, we wouldn’t want them to stay off of the internet altogether, but we do want to prevent them from finding inappropriate or dangerously incorrect information. They can still be in it, but under our watchful care. In this article, we present two smartphone apps that can surely help with this.


Being online is truly helpful, but it surely doesn’t help if we just allow the kids to stay online 24/7. We still have too much of even the good things. With the Familytime app, you can set the amount the time that the kids are allowed to use their phones. Once this time’s up, you can encourage them to spend their time playing with other kids using with the best RC trucks, remote drones, and other techy toys that you’ve bought for their enjoyment. Socialization is as important now as it was before the time of the Internet.

Aside from that, this app also allows you to track where the kids are at real-time. So if they’ve gone somewhere without your permission, you can simply search for them using this app.

Most importantly, this app also allows you to set limits to what kinds of content your child is allowed to see. With this, you can really be sure that they don’t get confronted with stuff that they do not yet fully understand.


Kids App Qustodio
Kids App Qustodio
Developer: Qustodio LLC
Price: Free+

While the kids are always important to us parents, we just cannot be with them all the time. Of course, we have to go to work or take care of the business, and these things surely take so much of our time.

Good thing that we have parental control apps such as Qustodio that are really designed for parents on the go. This app allows users to open and monitor a dashboard that records all recent activities of the devices connected to it. The reports also show also shows how much time is spent in each app or website.

Aside from all those monitoring functions, this app also allows you to set restrictions when it comes to the sites and apps that your kid can open. Qustodio also allows you to keep track of the people that your kid interacts with through texts.

Protecting our kids when they are online is truly important. Monitoring might mean that we will be a little be intrusive; but that should be OK since it will be them who benefits from all this in the end.

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