Android vs. iOS: Which one is better for Casino games?

The age-old war between the two biggest mobile operating systems has prevailed since the first iterations of the smartphones running them reached consumers’ hands. It’s safe to say that the battle will never end, despite it being rather pointless. After all, both Android and iOS have their own benefits and drawbacks.

Android Vs. iOS in term of Casino games

The winner simply depends on who’s asking. Your budget needs and preferences will ultimately determine the best choice. But what about specific uses? For instance, which is the best device for casino games? That’s an important question for many people, as you want your experience to be as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

Well, the short answer is that it depends. Just like elsewhere, both operating systems have unique strengths and weaknesses when it comes to casino gaming. Let’s take a look at them to help you make a better choice. For the sake of a fair and consistent comparison, we’ll stick to the higher end devices for their respective operating systems. 

1. Restrictions

To avoid backlash, Google has prevented casinos from putting their games on the Play Store if they involve real money. Fortunately, this restriction is regional, and Android users in the UK, France, and Ireland are not affected. In any case, most casinos work around the restriction by allowing you to download their apps directly from their website.

Apple enforces no such restrictions, meaning you can download most iOS-compatible casino apps from the App Store. Just like on Android, most casinos also allow you to choose the alternative of downloading their web app. So, to sum it up, you don’t have to worry about restrictions to play casino games.

2. User Experience

When it comes to your experience playing casino games on Android and iOS, there isn’t really a major difference. In general, Apple devices are more centered around simplicity and effortless experience, while Android offers more customization options. This can make your experience outside of casino games vary, but within them, it’s all the same.

Whether you’re spinning slots, rolling the dice in roulette, or feeling the rush on your favorite betting site, you can expect a relatively consistent user experience between Android and iOS. The only exception is if you choose to play on a low-end Android device or an iPhone running outdated software. In that case, things may slow down a little.

3. Performance

In the past, Android fans often made the mistake of slandering Apple’s seemingly subpar hardware. Even their best device seemed to have a less powerful processor, lower-resolution screen, and half or even a quarter of the memory. What they failed to account for was the fact that Apple was and still remains the master of optimization.

This is because unlike most Android smartphones of the time, both Apple’s hardware and software were made in-house, allowing them to outperform the competition with fewer resources. These days, however, it’s a relatively level playing field. A flagship Android phone from Google, Samsung, or OnePlus is no less capable than the latest iPhone. Put simply; you won’t see a major difference when it comes to performance. Most casino games are rather low when it comes to resource usage, which means they don’t ask much of the device. The only notable exception is on the very lowest end of Android devices, which may experience the occasional hiccup. The same is true for very old iPhones. 

4. Platform Support

When it comes to which device supports the most casino games, it mostly depends on what you enjoy playing. Most casinos support both Android and iOS, but some might have a preference here. What’s more noteworthy is the fact that Apple often receives new games first. This is because developers have a much smaller range of devices to cater to.

Android runs on thousands of different smartphones from dozens of different manufacturers, which can make it take longer to release a new game. While unlikely, this may prompt some casinos who work with cheaper development companies to forgo and Android release. In that case, you’ll have to play their games through your browser instead.

If your smartphone was released within the last few years, it doesn’t really make a difference for casino gaming. Rest assured, you can enjoy a satisfying experience on both devices, so it ultimately comes down to your preferences.

Saeed Ashif Ahmed
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