Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Wallpapers Stock Collection [2400 x 2400 pixels]

Everyone keeps a tab on what type of phone will Samsung launch. Therefore, you must be aware that Samsung has disclosed a new phone again in their Galaxy S20 series, named as the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition, or just Galaxy S20 FE. This new phone was launched just after the announcement of their Note and Fold version by Samsung. This new phone is also adorned with a top-notch processor, which appears to be a perfect fit as a part of Samsung’s flagship phones. The new Galaxy S20 FE comes in line with the mid-range phones in the market. And here, you can find and download the official wallpapers of Galaxy S20 FE from its new release.

The reason behind developing and launching the Galaxy S20 FE at an affordable price despite being a flagship phone is only because of the pandemic that Samsung did not forget to consider. Hence, you can notice that its software features are the same as that of the standard Galaxy S20 phones, with only a few noticeable hardware changes. And as always, Samsung has emerged with unique wallpapers for its new phone. Those new wallpapers are available and downloadable from here itself. If interested, you can proceed. 

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Wallpapers

This time, Samsung has brought in 8 new wallpapers through this new phone. Since it is a line-up of the Galaxy S20 series, you can find that the wallpapers are somewhat similar to the previous standard S20 wallpaper design. These new backgrounds appear like colorful sea-weeds or a bunch of flowers captured from various angles. These wallpapers come in a resolution of 2400×2400, which is appropriate to fit on any smart-phone. The wallpapers’ squared ratio is also effective if the scrolling effect is applied on the home screens.

Check out the preview of Galaxy S20 FE wallpapers from the gallery below. However, please do not download the previews, as these are just screenshots for you to check if you like them or not.

[To get the full resolution, use the download button given below!]

Information on the wallpapers/backgrounds

  • Phone edition: Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition/ Galaxy S20 FE
  • Total number of wallpapers: 8
  • Resolution: 2400×2400
  • File size: 28.7 MB

Below you can find the link associated with the complete collection of Galaxy S20 FE wallpapers. In the ZIP file, you can find the wallpapers with maximum resolution and download it. And if some of you want only to select backgrounds, you can do that from the gallery provided. If you are in doubt about how it looks, a gist of them is also given below. 

  • You can download the full set of wallpapers here:

The most downloaded wallpapers

We have been sharing amazing wallpapers with you for a long time, and we have a complete collection of wallpapers for Android, iPhone, and iPad. Then we leave you here with the most downloaded files:

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