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People can’t think of spending a day without WhatsApp. This app is now becoming the primary smartphone application. It’s currently the #1 social messaging application with millions of users. But, the WhatsApp does not come with all the features that people expect. Features that are important from security, privacy, and customization aspects aren’t available in the standard version of WhatsApp. That’s why some developers are modifying the application and building custom mods. YoWhatsApp is one such kind.


YoWA is the modded version of the WhatsApp, which comes with some extra features that are not available in the standard version. Check out the features below!

YoWhatsApp features

We are not counting the classic Chat, Call, and the Status as the main features here. YoWhatsApp comes with much more exciting stuff that’ll definitely blow your mind. Here are some features that you should check out once and decide if you want to migrate from standard WhatsApp to Yo WhatsApp APK on your device.

1. Privacy features

The privacy has utmost priority in the YoWhatsApp app. You can turn OFF or ON the read receipts to prevent others from knowing if you’ve read the messages or not. Also, it has a Blue Tick Disable option that prevents others from seeing the Blue Tick on the messages they send you.

Not just that, but the online status that people see when you come online can be disabled too. So, your online state won’t be shown to others. You can set any date or time for last seen status.

2. Chat features

There are tons of fantastic chat features. The most important is the addition of the new emoji’s. With the new emoji’s, you can amaze your friends while texting with them. Also, the chat screen customization option is fantastic to change the UI. You can change the themes, backgrounds, icons and much other stuff.

The quick messaging, bubble style messaging, group chat, group calls, and many other exciting features are attracting users to use YoWhatsApp instead of the standard version.

3. New additions

The ability to send 100 images at once is not available on WhatsApp. YoWhatsApp will let you do that. Also, the Chat lock is a new feature that allows you to create a passcode to access the chats of your contacts.

4. Video Status

Usually, you can put a 30-second video status in WhatsApp. But, YoWhatsApp let you put a video status up to a length of 5 minutes. Amazing, isn’t it?

5. Misc

  1. Send any kind of files (APK, ZIP, EXE, RAR, etc.) from the file manager
  2. Send file over 700 MB
  3. Incorporates Android Oreo emojis
  4. Particular locking mode by fingerprint, pattern, and PIN.
  5. Change contact name color in Home Screen
  6. Custom Hide/View status
  7. Preview Font in Fonts Style
  8. Delete conversation media even after deleting chats
  9. Control conversation lock in the contact/group info section
  10. Colour in Page Title text
  11. Turkish Translation
  12. Enable/Disable Message counter on the launcher icon
  13. Show/Hide pattern drawing the path
  14. Maximum image resolution
  15. Privacy-Only mode
  16. Send Status videos up to 5 Minutes
  17. Save Stories images and videos to your device
  18. Mohanad Font
  19. Pinup to 1000 chats
  20. Reduce network use
  21. Swipe from left to right to exit a conversation
  22. Send high-resolution image, up to 10 MB (HD)
  23. Separate option added for Navigation Bar color
  24. See Broadcast icon on pics in chat
  25. Load theme from SD Card (XML File)
  26. Change Emoji header color
  27. Round WhatsApp icon
  28. Disable Heads-up in Android 7.0+
  29. Change Emoji Picker background-color
  30. Set Profile picture as chat screen wallpaper
  31. Recent colors
  32. Square photo corners
  33. Change Hyperlinks color
  34. Allo ticks and 3D Bubbles
  35. No Ads (Ads Free MOD)
  36. Splash screen

UPDATE: The developer behind YoWhatsApp (Yousef Al-Basha) left his project on YOWA. But this is not the end. Found Mokdad, the developer of FMWhatsApp, took over this project, and he will continue to release the future updates of YoWhatsApp.

What’s new on YoWA by Fauad?

The app has been taken over by a new developer. But you won’t have to miss any features of your favorite old YoWA. Instead, there is something more. Check out what’s new on the latest update:

#1: YoThemes

This is a cool feature that comes with the latest version of YoWA. I am pretty impressed with the new colors for theming the application. You can easily get rid of the annoying old UI; plenty of marvelous themes can be applied to the entire UI with just a single click.

#2: Emoji Variant

There are some new emojis that comes with YoWA by default. You can send numerous emojis to your contacts without downloading from external sources. A non-emoji variant APK MOD is also available; in case you don’t like it.

YoWhatsApp Screenshots

Check out the screenshots of YoWhatsApp UI below!

Download YoWhatsApp APK 9.50 Anti Ban

As YoWhatsApp is not available on the Google Play Store, you’ve to download the APK file and install it manually. Download from the link given below, and install it like normal APK:

File nameYoWA9.50.APK
Size45.1 MB
OS requirementAndroid 4.0 or above
DeveloperFound Mokdad

Older versions:

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YOWhatsApp (YoWA) V8.12 Changelog

  1. Base Updated to 2.19.230.
  2. YoMods Settings Design (New Feature)
  3. Live Preview of Your Color Changes (New Feature)
  4. Airplane Mode (Disable Messages When You Need)
  5. Hidden Chat Will Not Show in Home Unread Counter (Added)
  6. Hidden Chats Will Not Show in “Forward To” Screen (You Can Re-Enable this feature from Settings)
  7. Option Added to Clear WA Database Backups
  8. App Speed Improved
  9. Bug fixed

YOWhatsApp (YoWA) V7.99 Changelog

  1. [Added] More Anti-BAN.[Fixed] Not enough space message
    {Important note, if you have been banned before:
    1.1 – Take Chats Backup
    1.2 – Uninstall/remove YoWhatsApp first
    1.3 – Install V7.99 and Verify number again.}
  2. [Fixed] Recording Crash
  3. [Fixed] com.yowa cannot add custom stickers
  4. [Fixed] Deleted message icon not showing
  5. [Fixed] White theme Icons in Voice/Video Call
  6. [Fixed] Google Play Service error message on registration

YOWhatsApp (YoWA) V7.90 Changelog

  • [Base Update] 2.19.34
  • [Exclusive] Know Deleted Status (? next to the time)!
  • [Exclusive] Custom Online toast! Enable for specific people (find it in Contact Profile)
  • [Added] Option to pin group description to chat (Chat 3-dot menu > Group Description)
  • [Added] Change Deleted msg icon colour (Option 3.1.17)
  • [Added] Support to download themes with home wallpaper from YoThemes Store
  • [Fixed] Status Saving button issues
  • [Fixed] Status incorrect story saving
  • [Fixed] Calls privacy not saving the chosen list
  • [Fixed] Pics in chat (Inside) not working properly
  • [Fixed] Random crashes in conversation
  • [Fixed] Random Android O+ emoji crashes
  • [ALERT] Anti-Delete for Messages and Status by default (turn off if you want).
  • [Misc] More bug fixes and improvements!


It is a wise decision to ditch the WhatsApp and get a modded versions like YoWhatsApp to gain much more access and some unique features. Do share this post with your family and friends, so that they can get the benefits from it too.

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