Fruit Vegetables Coloring Book app review: How it can help kids to sharpen minds?

Days are gone, when you buy your kid an animated picture chart to help them learn alphabets and numbers. Today is the time of technology, and the kids these days are fostered through e-learning.

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Lending you a hand in better and fun way e-learning for your kids there are several apps out there, and one that can be your toddler’s favorite is Kids Coloring Book app.

Fruit Vegetables Coloring Book app overview

Kids understand and observe the things around, as soon as they grow into toddlers and this is the time where you can mold their minds to step towards excelling and brilliance.

Fruit Vegetables Coloring Book
Fruit Vegetables Coloring Book

Fruit Vegetables Coloring Book app enables early learning and develops the kid into a sophisticated kinder garden student, though he isn’t one. This app offers a free coloring book with more than 190 pages and a lot of stuff to paint. The app is designed with a fun concept to make sure the kids enjoy learning.

From alphabets to numbers, fruits to vegetables, colors to flowers and animals to vehicles, they get your kid covered everything. Apart from just the fun way concepts to e-learning the app also exposes the kid to use the techy features of this app.

What exactly is Coloring Book app?

Fruit Vegetables Coloring Book app is the free coloring book for kids that ensures your kids learn the basics and foundation to education concepts while coloring. It encompasses the whole gamut of fun-coloring and e-learning for the toddlers.

What are the key features?

As it’s an e-learning and coloring app for kids, it is obvious for us to expect some amazing features that let your kids go gaga over it. The list of amazing features is

  • Provides an animated pencil and eraser to draw and erase.
  • Enables undoing and redoing last activity.
  • Provided bucket full of the region
  • Enables saving the colored pages
  • Allows clearing colored areas
  • Provides the option of changing the pencil size

What makes this app much unique for kids to improve creativity?

Creativity in kids comes to the picture when they are allowed to explore the varieties. That’s why the Fruit Vegetables Coloring apps seem to be an excellent option for your kid to improve their creativity.

Kids will really appreciate this app, as it has brought the fun ways to learn to in almost all categories that will help kids build their education’s foundation. The various categories offered by this Coloring Book are as follows:

  • Animals
  • Alphabets
  • Fruits
  • Flowers
  • Vegetables
  • Vehicles

User reviews

Review – 4.5

The app has got a starry 4.5 rating, and many of the parents who exposed their kids to this fun e-learning app are happy that it really makes a difference. They are glad they knew about the app that keeps their kids busy in learning and having fun for hours.

Why should you choose in the first place?

What can be better than having to see your kids enjoying the learning while they are coloring through an app, which is all free? It is something you should indeed get downloaded for your toddler to let him outsmart other coevals.

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