💡[PRO Tips] How to choose the best microSD card for Android devices?

An Android smartphone is a device that helps you store all your digital files, including photos, memos, videos, documents, and more. Hence, with time, your Android phone may soon run out of storage space, and you probably would want to get more space. Unlike iPad or iPhone users, Android users are lucky enough to add additional storage using an SD.

How to choose the best microSD card

Before you jump into choosing an SD card, always check your Android phone specification about external memories. Check if your phone includes a micro SD slot. However, the current generation phones come with a sim tray-like slot where Micro SD cards can be inserted. Once you’ve confirmed that your smartphone memory is expandable, besides the prices, there are a few factors you should consider. This article will highlight everything you must know before you buy an SD card for your Android Smartphone.

Capacity 📁

Micro SD cards come in two different varieties, based on their capacities. They are the SDHC and SDXC. First off, Secure Digital High Capacity cards, abbreviated as SDHC, have a storage capacity range of 2GB to 32GB. On the other hand, the Secure Digital Extended Capacity, SDXC, has a quite expansive memory capacity, ranging from 32GB to 2TB.

Depending on your Android smartphone’s external memory size, you need to decide what SD card to buy. Samsung Galaxy 9, for example, supports an external memory card capacity of up to 400GB. However, an SD card of 512GB capacity would malfunction on the device or might not even work.

Speed ⚡

Ultra High Speed (UHS) bus interface are both supported by SDHC and SDXC, and include three different speed variations:

  • UHS-I, up to 104MBps
  • UHS-II, up to 312MBps
  • UHS-III, up to 624MBps.

These speeds indicate the movement rate of the data, based on its circuitry. While you can still use UHS memory cards on older Android slots, you may not enjoy its speed to the fullest, as it might work at only 25MPS speed.

You need to discover the speed of the SD card that will be supported by your smartphone. However, this can be a little difficult, unlike determining the format and compatibility. There are typically five indicators that represent the speed of your card. They include:

  1. Speed Class: measured in megabytes per second, speed class shows the lowest write speed of an SD card.
  2. UHS Speed Class: Indicates the lowest write speed of SD cards that support the 3 UHS categories.
  3. Application Performance Class: Abbreviated as APC and measured in IOPS, this speed indicates the lowest sustained write speed at 10MBPS with the lowest random read and write speed. It keeps the performance level of your android app stable when you store and run them on the card. So if you want to buy a card that will let you install Android apps, APC is a feature you should look about when choosing an SD card for your Android smartphone.
  4. Video Speed Class: If you’re planning to expand your Android’s memory for video shooting, you must try to look into this criterion when purchasing a microSD card. Video Speed Class controls the write speed, which is important when recording videos. Smartphones with higher camera resolutions require a faster speed.
  5. Rated Speed: some manufacturers do not have this speed printed on the SD card. However, those who print the speed write it in megabytes per second, which indicates the SD card’s maximum speed. Make sure you choose the fastest card.


Choosing the best memory card for your Android must be determined by what you intend to use it for. That it is expensive, high quality and large do not always mean it’s best for your smartphone. UHS-II cards are usually expensive, and you might not utilize its full potential if you don’t use it for the right purpose. 

So if you want to purchase expandable SD cards that can be used to shoot and store 4k videos, go for a card with improved video size and speed. Alternatively, if your plan is to store apps, go for memory cards with higher Application performance ratings. 


Different unbranded and cheaper SD cards have filled the market. These cards can negatively affect your data and make them vulnerable. It could even lead to data loss or malware attacks. In some cases, these cards could even come with malware, which may harm your stored data. 

Selecting the right card

If you want to keep your phone and data secured, you need to spend a bit more extra to buy a quality SD card from a reliable manufacturer. Hugdiy is professional SD card manufacturer. Hugdiy not only provides high-quality SD cards but also provides the best services. If you want to buy SD cards, please visit Hugdiy.

Furthermore, depending on the performance level of the card and what you intend to use it for, you may need to buy at a bit higher price. Moreover, a low-quality SD card will do more harm to your smartphone.

Just avoid buying from an unreliable brand and only buy from an authorized seller. That way, you can enjoy a memory card that functions properly on your Android Smartphone.

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