Top 6 Fax Software for Windows 7 (apps available for Android too)

Faxes have retained their importance despite newer modes of communication. There are many reasons why faxes have retained relevance. They offer a reliable and secure source of communication. They don’t succumb to hacking or phishing tools, so they offer absolutely safe conduct.

Recognizing the safety, they offer and the inconvenience that the physical installation of fax machines cause, online fax services gained massive momentum. There are many providers of online fax services that have tapped the potential of fax requirements amidst businesses. 

Fax Software

In laptops and desktops, Windows have evolved over time with bigger and better versions. Sometimes, with the latest versions curbing the use of the old versions, some apps and functions totally disable performance. 

How does an online fax service attain compatibility with respect to all versions of Windows? The version we will refer to here is Windows 7. It is widely popular and in use because of the ease of functioning.

If you have been wondering about the perfect fax software for windows 7, you would be pleasantly surprised to know about the brilliant options. Despite Windows evolving with time, Windows 7 retains a large user base. Its functions and interface are very friendly with the users.

While Google Fax Free has been proven to top the leaderboard with CocoFax, there are other major players as well. Let us learn bellow about the most amazing fax software that works for Windows 7 seamlessly and smoothly:

1. CocoFax: The Best Google Fax Service

CocoFax offers a hasslefree mode of online faxing services from any and all of google’s products. Be it Gmail or Google Drive, CocoFax ensures that, be it Windows Computer or Google products, CocoFax is a sure shot leader for many reasons.

There are many reasons that make CocoFax different and better than other online fax service providers. 

a) Cost-Efficient

Sending international fax could create a hole in your finances through cents and dollars. While international fax surcharge ranges from 5 cents and goes up to a dollar, CocoFax allows surcharge less free international faxes.

The subscription offers offered by CocoFax provide a plethora of benefits like allocation of a thousand faxes a month. The best part is that international faxes are included in this. Hence, it offers the benefit of volume and turns out to be very cost-efficient for the business. 

b) Fax via Email

CocoFax enables its users to use their Gmail to send out a fax. Now, that is fundamentally a challenge rendered well as Gmail is a digital Mode, and fax is an analog telephonic mode. So, CocoFax does the impossible by connecting two distinct channels.

Further, sending out a fax from a Gmail ID is so simple with CocoFax. All you need to do is add a suffix to the fax number in the section of the recipient. The document will reach the intended fax machine in a jiffy.

Any fax you receive will appear in your Gmail inbox in the form of a PDF file, so there is no possibility of you missing out on important fax. 

c) Notified on Delivery

CocoFax does leave you in suspense of whether your fax reached the intended receiver. You would receive a delivery notification on the success of the fax. While faxes are delivered all the time but the only likelihood of them not being received is purely by virtual of manual errors.

d) Attachable documents

All documents in .doc, Docx, XLS, XLSX, PNG, and jpg files are attachable formats. Whatever the format be, it can send out and received as a pdf. It just makes the application too versatile and not bottlenecked because of compatibility with a particular file type.

e) Compatible with Cell Phones

You can send a fax out with any internet compatible device with CocoFax. You do not have to invest in a fax machine and yet enjoy all the immaculate faxing features that the traditional machines rendered.

2. has compatibility with computers, desktops, and laptops in particular. At the same time, it does offer good faxing services but fails to be as versatile as CocoFax. While smartphones have been established as reliable work modes too, does not offer this flexibility.

So, if sending out fax through PC or desktops or laptops is the emergent need, one can go ahead with this alternative. FreeFax FreeFax
Developer: GmbH
Price: Free+

3. RingCentral


RingCentral is also an effective competitor in the task of sending and receiving faxes. It offers extremely reliable web-based solutions for faxes without the hassle of having a fax machine. It has good enough faxing services and enjoys the patronage of a lot of corporate players.

Developer: RingCentral
Price: Free

4. MetroFax

Metrofax has been providing reliable faxing services for a long time now. They also have a good amount of corporate following with respect to a trustworthy mode of sending and receiving faxes. While the web services are seamless, its efficiency is somehow curbed through smartphones.

5. FaxBurner

Those in a perennial use of faxing services often root for a fax service provider like FaxBurner. This platform provides a disposable fax number. The fax number is created on a requirement when fax needs sending out. It also has an extreme limitation on free faxes provided.

6. MyFax

MyFax, too enables the users to send out international faxes without the surcharge. It might be the cheapest faxing alternative because it has the most basic features compared to the others. Some serious bottlenecks are its inability to attach digital signatures or offer a customized cover letter.

MyFax app - send fax from phone
MyFax app - send fax from phone


Windows 7 is widely used and very popular despite newer versions that are out. Most applications upgrade themselves with the latest versions of software installations and render inefficient for older applications. 

CocoFax is undoubtedly the best fax software for Windows 7. Google Fax Free has recognized it as a very reliable faxing solution. Without the hassle of ensuring the installation of a hefty fax machine, all its functionalities can be enjoyed with these platforms’ online services. 

Hence, all the above-faxing alternatives have turned out to be the most preferred options for sending and receiving faxes. Faxes have always held a very significant role in business communication, and these online faxing sources have become a competitive advantage for every business. 

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