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2 Ways to view and print Android text messages on Windows 10

Did you know you could view and even print Android messages on a Windows 10 PC? Messaging is one of the fastest growing app categories on both iOS and Android, and a lot of people nowadays use messaging rather than email, even for important information. Whether you need proof that a conversation happened, or you want to read it offline at your leisure, viewing and printing your Android messages in Windows 10 can be invaluable.

Print Android text messages

How do you go about it?

The process is simple, but you need the right software application. Here, we show you two different ways in which you can accomplish this task.

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SMS Backup +

This is a free utility that you can download from the Google Play Store on your Android device. There’s no need to install anything on your Windows 10 PC, but you’ll need to sign into your Google account on the app.

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Once you install the app, open it and go to the main page. Next, you will need to connect your Google account to the app. Now tap on “Backup”.

This will do two things: link your Google account and backup all your text messages into a Gmail folder. You can now print your messages directly from your Gmail interface.

TunesBro Android Transfer

If you want something a little more functional, you can try TunesBro Transfer utility for Android. With this, you can not only transfer SMS and other data to your Windows 10 PC but also do things like transfer iTunes content to your Android device and manage all the data on your smartphone or tablet. It works with the latest version of Android and is also available for Mac.

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Although this is a premium software, there’s a free trial version that you can download and install before your purchase a license. The free version will allow you to see all of the software’s capabilities before you decide to buy.

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To view and print Android text messages on a Windows 10 PC, simply follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Download and install the full version of the software on your Windows 10 machine. Launch it.

Step 2: Enable USB debugging on your Android device and connect it to the PC with a USB cable.

Note: Android will automatically open a pop-up giving you the option to trust the computer. Do this only if you’re in your home or on a secure PC, not on a public machine.

Step 3: You should now be able to see the device on the software interface. Go to the “Information” tab on the software, where you’ll be able to see some options on the left panel. Under SMS, you can either select “All Messages” or just “Unread” ones.

You’ll see the message threads in the middle panel and the contents of each thread on the right panel as you browse through each one. There’s also a cool feature to allow you to respond to text message on the right panel.

Step 4: Now click on the “Export” icon and select the format in which you want to transfer the messages (HTML, Text, CSV), and all the selected messages will be exported to your Windows 10 PC in the desired format.

Step 5: Next, open the text message you want to print using your Windows 10 default application for that file type, and print as you normally would.

Safety and Security

While using the print option with either of these two methods, please remember that most text message conversations are private. Some might even be of an extremely personal nature or confidential to a business or legal entity. Never leave printouts in a public or shared printer, and always remember to delete the print history from your print utility.

If the material is private or confidential, think twice about whether you really need to print it out. And for the environmentally conscious, please print on both sides of the paper as a gesture to nature.

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