[Official] Flyme 7 and Meizu M15 Stock wallpapers — download them here!

Meizu, the Chinese smartphone vendor, has launched a new set of smartphones in the market. He further named them under the Meizu M15 series. These smartphones are based on the custom skin of the company, latest Flyme 7 OS, which runs on the top of the stock Android OS.

Flyme OS 7 wallpaper

We have got a source for you to get hold of a pinch of wallpapers, Meizu M15 and all of its Flyme 7 glory will be right by the reach of your hand. Never mind if you are looking for wallpapers particularly for the OS or specific to the device, simply hit the links below:

Above mentioned are two versions of wallpapers in different pixels, both of which are free. You can choose any of them, whichever suits you!

More Stock Wallpapers

If you don’t like them, or looking for some other higher resolution stock wallpapers, we have a huge collection below:

[mks_col] [mks_one_half] [/mks_one_half] [mks_one_half] [/mks_one_half] [/mks_col]
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