Performance test on HONOR 30 Pro+ (Benchmark, Gaming, Power)

It’s time to know HONOR 30 Pro+ performance scores and learn about its capabilities — a test result of the camera in benchmarks, games, and other evaluations.

HONOR 30 Pro Plus

Benchmark performance

HONOR 30 Pro+ is equipped with the Kirin 990 5G flagship processor, which includes two high-performance Cortex-A76 cores with a maximum frequency of 2.86 GHz, two Cortex-A76 with 2.36 GHz and four energy-efficient Cortex-A55 operating at 1.95 GHz. Such a three-cluster arrangement allows more efficient use of system resources, reducing energy consumption. The 16-core Mali-G76 video accelerator is responsible for working with graphics. The amount of RAM is 8 GB and 256 GB of internal storage.

Performance test on HONOR 30 Pro+

In AnTuTu, the smartphone scores 483,054 points. In Geekbench – 752 and 2981 (in single-core and multi-core modes, respectively). The HONOR 30 Pro+ is extremely fast, and the apps gets installed almost instantly.

PCMark test on HONOR 30 Pro Plus

In PCMark, when evaluating the overall performance of the device, 9590 points were obtained.

Gaming performance

In addition to benchmarks, we have the test result of Honor 30 Pro+ in games as well. PUBG Mobile with maximum fps settings: the smartphone can cope with ease without any lag issues. During hardcore shootings, there are no freezes or drops in the frame rate. A similar situation is observed in WoT Blitz – stable 60 fps

Note: When launching games, proprietary GPU Turbo technology is activated, which increases productivity and reduces energy consumption by optimizing the use of system resources.

An important nuance: even during protracted battles – from half an hour or longer – the body of the device heats up slightly. But you won’t notice any performance degradation. This is probably the merit of the liquid cooling system integrated in the smartphone. But it is hidden inside, pity to disassemble the gadget.

Power and charging speed

The HONOR 30 Pro+ comes with a 4000 mAh battery supporting 40-watt fast wired charging and 27-watt wireless. The PCMark test, simulating the use of the device for continuous execution of various tasks, showed that the phone is able to work for about 12 hours on a single charge. And what about condition in practical scenarios?

In the looped mode of viewing Full HD video (Airplane mode, 50 percent screen brightness), the smartphone gives backup for 23 hours 10 minutes. For an hour of playing a Full HD video on YouTube via Wi-Fi, the battery runs out by 6%. The battery is emptied by the same figure in the case of a 30-minute share in PUBG Mobile at maximum graphics settings. The results are impressive, especially understanding the battery capacity and the large screen size. This is affected not only by good optimization of hardware and software but also for the absence of “gluttonous” Google services. 

With the 40-watt adapter’s power, the HONOR 30 Pro+ charges from 1% to 100% in precisely one hour. Moreover, the first 45% of the battery get charged 15 minutes. The smartphone can be quickly charged before dying, so as not to be left without access at the wrong time.


The tests performed on HONOR 30 Pro+ showed that although the smartphone does not give perfect figures in benchmarks, in practice, it copes with any tasks assigned to it. Its power is enough for a full day of use, even taking games and watching videos into account.

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