Top 15 Android apps released in 2018

The numbers on Google Play Store keeps increasing when it comes to the launching of apps. Now, the Google Play store has a ballpark figure of 3.3 million apps. We find a lot of similar apps with the same functionalities, and it’s obvious that you don’t try every app to compare which one is better. So, we’ve made your job easier by compiling this list of top 15 Best app releases this year.

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Top 15 Android apps released in 2018

Firefox Reality Browser

It is one of the biggest launches in 2018. The browser supports both 2D and 3D content along with the basic, yet serviceable web browsing experience. It brings out the best and fresh content from the web.

To download this browser, you will need Google Daydream app; else it works as a normal virtual headset. It had improved theatre mode with 360 degrees video playback support and expanded voice search support.

Cake Web Browser

This web browser is again another best option from 2018. It has multiple search engine options, group search, bookmarks and many more. The browser also includes a pop-up blocker, ad-blocker, private browsing feature, gesture controls, RSS features, and even news highlights.
The user interface relies on gesture controls and gives the browser a new and fresh, yet casual style.

Grammarly Keyboard

It is one of the best keyboards launches in 2018. It helps in typing accuracy, so no more typos. It suggests the words beforehand after analyzing what you are typing. The App also delivers the grammar rules and explanations of changes.

It comes with a darker theme and is helpful to everyone out there. The app has no in-app purchases and is completely free.

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Poco Launcher

The official launcher app of Poco Phone is the Poco Launcher. It features a third party icon spark support, customization options, some privacy and security settings. You are also available with the option of hiding the app icon from the app drawer. It is light, fast, and serviceable, and is completely free.

Hyperion Launcher

It is one among the excellent launchers from 2018. It elicits the memories of shooting robots and a horse made out of diamonds. It gives a stock-ish android experience and has plenty of customization options and third party icon pack support.

This new launcher challenges the other big daddy’s in the industry like Apex, ADW Launchers, Nova and others. It is an excellent launcher but is fairly pricey for the premium version.

hyperion launcher
hyperion launcher
Price: Free+

Dolphin Emulator

After a few years of abandonment, this emulator is back on the Play Store. It is the only decent Nintendo Wii and Nintendo GameCube emulator on the Play Store. The developers after a leap are promising for consistent updates and stability improvements.

Dolphin Emulator
Dolphin Emulator
Developer: Dolphin Emulator
Price: Free


This app is designed to put you off your phone for a little while and is a new off-the way productivity app. Most of the apps will require constant checks on the phone, but this app encourages people not to regularly check their phones by killing their digital plants whenever they check.

Of, course there is whitelist that lets you answer urgent phone calls and text messages. It is like a widely available version of Google’s Digital well-being.

Forest: Stay focused
Forest: Stay focused
Developer: Seekrtech
Price: Free+

Carrot Weather

Like a few other fun and witty weather forecasting apps, Carrot weather also works on the same lines as most of them. It gets rains predictions, current temperatures, forecasts, and other weather related stuff. This app also gives 70 years of previous weather data, which is quite huge.
The app includes a secret place like Moon. The premium version contains widgets as well. There’s a monthly subscription at the rate of $4.

CARROT Weather
CARROT Weather
Developer: Grailr LLC
Price: Free+

Navigation Gestures

It gives any Smartphone utmost gesture control support. The gestures make accessing and navigation of various apps and settings easy. You can set the gesture control to measure the swipes, taps, double taps, tap and hold gestures and many others including directions as well.


Interestingly, it gets installed on the user’s secondary device and not on the primary one. The secondary device alerts your primary device when it is moved, picked or opened. This is an essential app for tourists, journalists or people who travel a lot. It is entirely free and has no ads.

Proto VPN

This Switzerland based app just checks all the boxes we would like to have on VPN. It includes no-logging policy, full encryption, and a good list of servers. The app includes a completely free experience with no data caps.
Subscribing to the subscription plan will let you unlock more and more servers. The subscriptions range from $4 per month to $24 per month.

ProtonVPN (Outdated) - See new app link below
ProtonVPN (Outdated) - See new app link below

Khan Academy Kids

It is considered one of the best educational apps for kids. It focuses on the early education of kids, social and emotional development, math solving, reading and language learning. They make the best use of animated cartoons to convey the information. It makes one of the best Apps in the educational category.


It is one of the new security apps from the developer of the top-rated weather timeline app. It is the best security app out there in recent years. It works as advertised and grants temporary permissions to Apps. It does not require ADB and is super cheap at just $0.99.

Heimdall Parental Control

Just install it on your child’s device and then on your device. It lets you monitor your child’s usage, their app use, phone calls, even track their location and block websites. To access all the features of the App, you will have to get a premium version at the rate of $0.99 per month or $9.49 annually.

Kiddie Parental Control
Kiddie Parental Control

YouTube Music

Technically, this is not new, but it has still made it the list due to some obvious facts. It streams both video and audio-only content. You also get a playlist, and data integration with the usual YouTube and a toggle to turn the music videos to audio-only content. It has the potential to be the very best among the current music Apps.


This above list of the top 15 best Android apps comprises of all the apps from different categories; from weather to education, browser to a launcher, and security to gesture control, we have got you covered with the most liked and efficiently working Apps released in 2018.

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