5 Best Business apps to improve the Behind-the-Scenes operations

From accounting to marketing, these are the best business apps for handling what goes on behind-the-scenes. Try each app and watch your operations improve.

70 hours per week? That is normal.

If you are in the startup world or a team leader, you know exactly the hours expected of you and what it can take out of you.

You might know that business apps can help you claw back some valuable time — so you can regain some sense of life balance. But who wants to invest hours into business software, that in the end, might not meet your needs.

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If that is how you feel, check out this guide to the 5 best business apps to improve the behind-the-scenes operations.


Its an oldie but a goodie. If you feel bombarded by information all day long, then Evernote is the app for you. This omnipresent notetaking application allows you to create rich text or audio notes. You can convert them to to-do lists that are instantly shareable.

Evernote uses a unique tagging system and deep search functionality. Searching for that information you received 2 years ago is easy. You can add PDF and image files, or link to Google drive to keep vital information close by. This is the notebook app for everything.

Evernote also works in conjunction with your camera. After scanning business cards and other documents Evernote will automatically file them. Automatic linking of business cards to Linkedin profiles ensure you can never forget the person behind the card.


Do you feel like you need to keep your team on the same page? The designers of Trello clearly recognized this problem. They solved it by creating this kanban board based project management system.

Good for personal or team project management, Trello splits complex tasks into their constituent parts. These parts are then available to task the workers. The boards are updated in real-time and can be accessed via all major platforms.


Small business owners are often called on to prove their source of income. This is especially difficult for full-time freelancers.

This problem is solved by paystubcreator.net. They a group of qualified accountants who will painlessly create legally acceptable stubs regardless of your business type or state. Using the latest in encryption methods they provide assurances that even sensitive financial information will be transmitted in a safe and secure way. Paystubcreator is so confident in their product that they even have a 30-day money back guarantee.

They leave you to focus on what is most important – growing your business.


Do you receive queries and communications through a dizzying number of channels?

In projects involving large teams, complex skills, and international locations, communication is vital. Slack handles this for you.

Slack provides a workspace based on department, project or team. Team members populate it with conversations, ideas, and feedback that Slack records. Slack organizes information by projects. This means that you are not interrupted by irrelevant information.

Slack is ideal for small businesses as it is flexible and collaborates with over 1500 other programs including Dropbox and IFTTT.

Price: Free


ToDoist will help you to remember everything. From board meetings to preparing supper – automatically.

When you first open the tool it will prompt you to input all those tasks that you have in your mind. Slack will then calculate the weight and importance of each task. It then files, prioritizes and automatically creates a reminder. 

Not only for personal organization, ToDoist is also useful as a task management tool. It is particularly particular effective in managing remote workers.

Todoist: To-Do List, Tasks & Reminders
Todoist: To-Do List, Tasks & Reminders

Get the Best Out of Business Apps

It’s proven. Business apps can save you hours of valuable time every week. And the list of beneficial applications is endless.

Check out which apps can save you valuable time. You will then be able to achieve an enviable life-work balance or pour those minutes back into building an even better company.

Keep tabs on our blog for more app insights.

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