Download Galaxy A8 / A8+ update: Android 9.0 Pie (Stock) [latest]

Samsung released the new Galaxy A8 2018 edition with their higher variants. Samsung Galaxy A8 and A8+ comes with infinity display, and the models are essentially 2018 Edition of Galaxy A7 and A5. In this post, you will be able to grab the software of the Galaxy A8 and Galaxy A8+, including Pie updates. We also have a tutorial below on how to install stock firmware on Samsung phones. Read ahead; we got you all official updates for the Galaxy A8 2015, Galaxy A8 2016, Galaxy A8 and A8+ (2018) along with the download links for each.

Since these are official updates by Samsung, we expect minimum bugs. With this guide, you can easily upgrade or downgrade your Galaxy A8/A8+ to official firmware.

Download Galaxy A8 update

But before doing anything, we suggest you backup your device. Because, upgrading or downgrading will erase your data, and we don’t want you to lose anything because of us. We have a table/column with the device model and build number of the firmware. Make sure to download the correct version based on your device variant. In that case, please check your device model number by navigating to Settings > About. Otherwise, you may face a severe problem with your phone.

Note: We also have some tool download links, which you may need while flashing the firmware. Make sure to grab them all.

We will be using the Odin tool in order to flash the firmware files. The tutorial is damn easy, and we have covered every step, so that, even a first time user won’t get confused. You don’t need any sort of expertise to play with our tutorial.

But before heading to the download and tutorial, let’s check out some eligibility and release date.

UPDATE (14/08/2019): This article has been revised and updated with the latest Android 9.0 Pie firmware links for Galaxy A8 and A8+ (all models). We recommend you to download the newest firmware only.

Galaxy A8 Oreo update: Eligibility and release date

DeviceVariantAndroid 8.0 OreoExpected Release Date
Galaxy A8 2015SM-A800N/ANA
Galaxy A8 2016SM-A810Released on 24 July 2018, in KoreaAvailable
Galaxy A8 2018SM-A530Released on 09 July 2018, in Asia and EuropeAvailable
Galaxy A8+ 2018SM-A730Released on July 09, 2018, in Asia and EuropeAvailable

The build number of Galaxy A8 Android 8.0 Oreo Asian version is A730FXXU2BRG1 while for Galaxy A8+, it is A530FXXU2BRG1.

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Timeline: Galaxy A8 update (SM-A530) | 2018 model

VariantDateUpdate DownloadAndroid VersionChangelog
SM-A530W26 Jul 2019A530WVLU7CSG4Android 9.0July 2019 security patch
SM-A530N04 Jul 2019A530NKSU3CSG1Android 9.0July 2019 security patch
SM-A530F29 Jul 2019A530FXXS7CSH1Android 9.0August 2018 security patch
SM-A530F09 Jul 2018A530FXXU2BRG1Android 8.0.0Major System update
SM-A530F23 May 2018A530FXXS2ARE1Android 7.1.1May 2018 security patch
SM-A530F12 Apr 2018A530FXXU2ARD1Android 7.1.1April 2018 security patch
SM-A530F23 Feb 2018A530FXXU2ARB9Android 7.1.1March 2018 security patch
SM-A530F23 Feb 2018A530FXXU2ARB8Android 7.1.1February 2018 security patch
SM-A530F19 Feb 2018A530FXXU2ARB6Android 7.1.1February 2018 security patch
SM-A530F12 Jan 2018A530FXXU1ARA3Android 7.1.1January 2018 security patch
SM-A530F20 Dec 2017A530FXXU1AQLCAndroid 7.1.1December 2017 security patch

Timeline: Galaxy A8+ update (SM-A730) | 2018 model

DateUpdate DownloadAndroid VersionChangelog
5 Jul 2019A730FXXU6CSG1Android 9.0July 2019 security patch
04 Jul 2018A730FXXU2BRG5Android 8.0.0Android 8.0 Oreo System update
09 Jul 2018A730FXXU2BRG1Android 8.0.0July 2018 security patch
22 May 2018A730FXXU2ARE1Android 7.1.1May 2018 security patch
14 Apr 2018A730FXXU2ARD1Android 7.1.1April 2018 security patch
21 Mar 2018A730FXXU2ARC9Android 7.1.1March 2018 security patch
23 Feb 2018A730FXXU2ARB8Android 7.1.1February 2018 security patch
19 Feb 2018A730FXXU2ARB6Android 7.1.1February 2018 security patch
12 Jan 2018A730FXXU1ARA7Android 7.1.1January 2018 security patch

Timeline: Galaxy A8 2016 update

It’s surprising that Samsung has released Android 8.0 Oreo for its two years old non-flagship device. We are happy to see this roll out. Check out from the table below!

VariantDateUpdate DownloadAndroid VersionChangelog
SM-A810F10 Jul 2018A810SKSU2CRG3Android 8.0.0Android 8.0 Oreo System update
SM-A810F04 Sep 2017A810FXXU1BQI1Android 7.0.0August 2017 security patch
SM-A810F09 Aug 2017A810FXXU1BQH3Android 7.0.0August 2017 security patch
SM-A810F24 Jan 2017A810FXXU1AQA2Android 7.0.0February 2017 security patch

Timeline: Galaxy A8 2015 update

Unfortunately, Android Oreo is not coming for this variant. Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow is the best update so far for Galaxy A8 2015. Samsung also cut down the Nougat update for the 2015 model. Hence there is no chance for Oreo in this device. Check out the list of available Marshmallow from the below table.

VariantDateUpdate DownloadAndroid VersionChangelog
SM-A800F09 May 2017A800FXXU1BQE2Android 6.0.1May 2017 security patch
SM-A800F27 Mar 2017A800FXXS1BQC3Android 6.0.1August 2016 security patch
SM-A800F10 Feb 2017A800FXXU1BQB1Android 6.0.1February 2017 security patch
SM-A800F28 Nov 2016A800FXXS1BPK1Android 6.0.1November 2016 security patch
SM-A800F21 Oct 2016A800FXXU1BPJ3Android 6.0.1October 2016 security patch

How to install Galaxy A8 firmware

Check out your device variant and download the compatible firmware from the above list. Next, proceed to the installation tutorial from the link below.

The tutorial will use Odin flash tool. We have mentioned the full step-by-step instructions on How to install Stock Firmware on Galaxy A8. If you are entirely new to rooting, flashing a Custom ROM or an Official Firmware, please read the entire tutorial once before actually performing it on your device.

Please read the tutorial from the link above to install Stock Firmware on Samsung Galaxy A8. The procedure has been described properly with screenshots. If you got stuck somewhere, drop your comment below, and we will help you as soon as possible.

Have fun playing with the major system upgrade. You can try out some Xposed modules on Oreo, or you can even try Magisk modules to modify your device in the way you like.

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