Download full-res (2560×2560) Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Wallpapers

Since the third quarter of the year has set in, many OEMs have started preparing for the holiday season. So yes, it’s that time of the year again for all gadget freaks out there! Samsung is one company that receives a lot of backlash from its customers for its locked down bootloaders at its outlets.

However, the truth remains that it sells millions and millions of phones all over the world and all round the year. And Samsung has surely got something really cool this time for you. The new Galaxy Note 9 – more stylish and powerful than before. Samsung has just announced its latest Note flagship, and the Note 9 promises to be an impressive device. As usual, the pre-orders of the phone have begun a good deal prior to its launch on August 24, 2018.

To celebrate the device’s launch, Samsung has decided to launch a number of wallpapers which will show off the full potential of the Note 9’s display.

To celebrate the device’s launch, Samsung has decided to launch a number of wallpapers which will show off the full potential of the Note 9’s display. If interested in Apps, audios, and fonts check out: Official Galaxy Note 9 sounds, Apps and fonts [port] — download them here

Samsung’s screen display has remained unrivaled for a really long time. The specifications of the Galaxy Note 9 suggest that it will not be an exception. It brings to the fore some of the largest implementations of the Super AMOLED infinity display that has been present in many other Samsung flagships. At 6.4 inches, the screen size is quite impressive as well.

Wallpapers that complement the colour scheme of the flagship

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 comes in various beautiful and unique colours, including the Ocean Blue, which is the one that has a blue exterior and a bright yellow S pen to create contrast. The Samsung Note wallpapers have been developed to highlight the colour schemes of the phone.

Technically speaking, the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 wallpapers come in a perfect square resolution of 2560×2560. This resolution makes the wallpapers adaptable for any modern smartphone. The wide aspect ratio of the wallpapers allows you to develop a scrolling wallpaper effect on the background of your home screen.

The wallpapers are made for phones which have Quad HD Plus display resolutions, but to be very candid, they will look good on any phone. The Note 9’s wallpapers have attracted a lot of attention from customers. While some are looking for an official set of wallpapers for their phone, others are trying to imitate the Galaxy Note 9 with their older flagship so that they are not tempted to spend an incredible amount of money to acquire the new launch.

You can use the wallpapers even without a Note 9. A lot of people are interested in new wallpapers for a variety of reasons. Because the Note 9’s wallpapers have a very flexible screen resolution, they can be downloaded by those who want to revamp their old smartphone without spending $1000 to get the Note 9 once it launches, presumably on August 24.

Not just smartphones- use it on your other devices as well

The designs on the wallpapers of Samsung Note 9 feature a blend of different colours and abstract designs. The colour schemes have been specially developed keeping the needs of the modern smartphones in mind. These wallpapers can be downloaded and used as displays for other flagship phones as well, owing to their incredible versatility. Also, the high resolution of the wallpapers allows you to use them as screensavers for your laptops and desktops. The backgrounds can be made to fit any larger display, which is quite the achievement on the part of the developers at Samsung.

To download the wallpapers on your desktop or laptop, click on the image and then select Save Image As from the dropdown list. Or, you can simply click on the image to download it on your Android smartphone.

Download Galaxy Note 9 Wallpapers

Samsung has launched 12 amazing wallpapers for its new Note 9, all of which are available for download now. You can choose your favourites from the mix and select the ones you want to download or keep the whole array for yourself by means of a ZIP file. All of the wallpapers available for download are in full resolution, which means that you will not have to compromise on the quality for even a bit.

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