Download SuperSU ZIP [latest]: Root your Android phone using TWRP

The following guide will help you to download and install SuperSU ZIP (latest) using TWRP recovery and root your Android device.

Android is a much vibrant and active OS with so many opportunities for both the developer as well as the user. Howbeit, manufacturers often have a tendency to bind their device with such services and software that are not well accepted by the users.


And in such case, we would like to root the device which allows us to customize our device beyond limitations. The following instructions will help you to root Android using SuperSU ZIP.

How to Root Android phone using SuperSU ZIP

It’s always confusing about how to root an android device especially for those who are going to do it for the first time.

The unmanaged root access has the possibility to allow any app/service to perform actions on your Android device that could be leveraged to inject malware or steal personal data. However, that’s not possible when you install SuperSU ZIP on Android.

SuperSU is considered to be one of most renowned and efficient root solution for Android by Chainfire.

Before going to install SuperSU Zip, let us know about a few benefits of using it as your go-to root solution.

  • Easiest root procedure.
  • It allows you to control root permissions for the individual application.
  • It saves the information to locate the frequency of root permission requested by an application.
  • Perform a complete unroot and restore to the stock state.


  1. Prior to rooting of the Android devices using SuperSU zip, you should primarily enable OEM unlocking to unlock the phone’s bootloader.
  2. TWRP recovery should also be installed on your Android device.
  3. Also before going to start the procedure, you must be sure that you have the entire backup of your device. It’s always better to have a Nandroid backup of the entire ROM.
  4. Enable the USB debugging on your Android device.
  5. Install Android SDK tools on your PC with which you have to connect your phone.

Download SuperSU ZIP

Chainfire provides the SuperSU root packages via two different channels – SR (Service Release) / BETA and Stable versions for which the official links have been provided below.

It is always good to use the latest BETA version as it has the most recent changes and can support the newer Android versions (Oreo 8.0 and 8.1).

The download links have been added here.

Download SuperSU v2.82 SR5 Beta (Recommended)

SuperSU v2.76Download now!
SuperSU v2.78Download now!
SuperSU v2.79Download now!
SuperSU v2.82 StableDownload now!

Download SuperSU APK

Download SuperSU v2.82 APK

SuperSU v2.79 APKDownload now!
SuperSU v2.78 APKDownload now!
SuperSU v2.76 APKDownload now!

How to Root the Android devices using SuperSU ZIP?

  1. First, download the flashable root ZIP file package.
  2. Now connect the phone to the PC with the help of USB cable.
  3. Enable the MTP/Transfer files mode on the android device we need to root.
  4. Then Transfer these downloaded ZIP file to the internal/external storage of the device.
  5. Now disconnect the phone from the PC.
  6. Boot your device into TWRP recovery using button combinations or use the following ADB command:
    adb reboot recovery
  7. Tap on the Install button in the TWRP mode.
  8. Now go to the storage to select the ZIP file.
  9. After selecting the ZIP, do Swipe to Confirm Flash on the bottom of the screen to install SuperSU ZIP on Android.
  10. Finally, press the ‘Reboot System’ button.

These steps will help you to root your device as well as to install the official companion app. So you can start to use the root-enabled apps, and you will be asked to allow/deny root permissions once it’s is rebooted. Now you can update the official app directly from the Play Store very easily.

How to Uninstall SuperSU?

1. First Open the “SuperSU” app.
2. Move to the “Settings” tab.
3. Scroll down below and select the “Cleanup” section.
4. Then Tap on “Full Unroot” so that you can uninstall SuperSU and unroot your phone.
5. Confirm the selection by pressing “Continue”.
6. Finally, Reboot your phone.


Now you have rooted your android device with SuperSU, and you are all set to use the root apps on your device. You can also tweak your device with the mods like ViPER4Android, Xposed Framework, and lot more.

Now explore more possibilities and customize your Android with the third-party apps/mods. If you have any further questions regarding the procedure, feel free to ask us by commenting below.

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